Come face to face with (a: to suddenly meet someone by chance. b: to see or experience a problem for the first time) 
a) As I was going into the restaurant, I came face to face with my ex-husband who was just leaving. 
a) I was walking home and came face to face with a dinosaur, oh no, it was just a babushka! Sorry, my mistake. 
b) It was only after I started working for the charity that I came face to face with poverty. 
● Face facts – to be confronted with the truth
– We need to face facts; we are in the middle of the Atlantic, no food and no help and lots of sharks around. The future for us is bleak! 
● Face it – to accept a fact
– Paul, let’s face it! You’ll never be a ballerina because you’re too fat! 
● Face the consequences – to accept and deal with the results
– Pay your debts now or face the consequences! 
● Face the music – to receive punishment; to accept the unpleasant results of one’s actions
– Shit, I burnt down the house and my parents will be back in 5 minutes. Guess it’s time to face the music like a man! 
● Face time (a: in prison b:(noun)time spent in a face-to-face meeting with someone) 
a) You could face a long time in prison for committing murder. 
b) He hoped to get more face time with the president. 

● Face up to – to accept that a difficult situation exists
– You are adopted! You will have to face up to the truth someday! 
– Don’t let those boys bully you. Face (stand) up to them! 
● Face with/to be faced with – to be confronted with
– We are faced with many problems in today’s world and we need to solve them! 

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