Morning boys and girls 👍 Well, I am feeling a bit under the weather today… still. I can’t say I have the man-flu because I am up early-ish and ready to make posts for you 😎 Here are some useful words/expressions to use when you’re ill many of which are unknown to many students:

👉 TO FEEL GROGGY (dazed, weak, unsteady and sickly)
– These new Imodium pills make me feel so groggy. I have the shivers and I feel like I am about to be sick!

👉 TO FEEL OUT OF IT (not to feel like your usual self due to being ill)
– Sorry, guys. I feel a bit out of it to be honest; maybe it’s the flu. I’ll sadly have to skip your presentation on how many Menthos is takes to kill a squirrel! 

👉 TO LOOK LIKE DEATH WARMED UP (you look really ill)
– John, you should really go home! You look like death warmed up. It might be something like Ebola!

👉 TO PULL A SICKIE (to not go to work by pretending to be ill)
– All of my friends are going to the cinema and I have to work. I guess I could phone my boss and pull a sickie so that I could go and watch the new Nemo film: “Fish and Chips.”

👉 TO FEEL ROTTEN (to feel quite ill, even if you have a hang-over)
– I can’t be bothered to go to work today. I woke up feeling so rotten. I shouldn’t have used Absinthe to clear my sore throat.

👉TO GET A BUG (to get some infection)
– I won’t be going to work today since I have got some stomach bug. I really shouldn’t lick door handles in the Moscow metro!

👉TO YAK UP/TO CHUNDER (slang: to vomit)
– I was yakking up/chundering all night after eating that dodgy curry for dinner. I wasn’t sure if the Use By Date said 2018 or 2008?

👉 TO FEEL LIKE (a pile of) CRAP/SHIT/BOLLOCKS (rude: to feel bad)
– I’m going to phone in ill. I really feel like crap today. Maybe i sat too close to an air conditioner and caught AIDS or something.

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