Vocabulary to Describe Different Ways to Travel

“Travel” is an abstract noun = the idea of going from one place to another. 
● “In my opinion, the best way to travel is by train. 
We wouldn’t say “Yesterday I travelled to London” It would be “Went to London”. 
When you go from one place to another, generally on land. 
● A train journey from London to Bath or a car journey from New York to Boston. 
When you go somewhere and you go back to where you started. 
● A business trip to London or a weekend trip to Paris.
A company takes you somewhere and brings you back. 
● A wine tasting excursion in the Napa Valley in California. 
You go there, enjoy the wine and don’t worry about getting there and back again. 
When you go somewhere with your family or friends but you don’t pay anyone to take you there. 
● Our family outing to London Zoo was great fun. 
When you go from one place to another (like a journey) but at sea. 
● Before planes were invented, the voyage from London to New York could take weeks. 
A kind of holiday at sea. 
● You may go to a lot of different countries on a cruise or you could go on a cruise down The River Nile. 
Packages Tour: 
● When you don’t have to organise anything. It’s all done for you. The price includes flights, accommodation, breakfast, etc. You only have to pay.

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