Synonyms of GOOD – expressions and phrasal verbs.

✔ Put together – used for saying that someone or something is better or bigger than the whole of a group of other people or things.
– He knows more about computers than the rest of them put together.
✔ You ought to see/hear/meet etc – used for emphasizing how good, impressive, or unusual something or someone is.
– You ought to see their new house – it’s enormous!

✔ There’s nothing/no place like something – used for emphasizing that a thing or a place is better than any other.
– I tell you, after a long, hard day of work, there’s nothing like throwing your feet up onto the couch and sipping a hot mug of tea.

✔ To a fault – used for emphasizing that someone or something has a particular good quality to a very great degree. 
– He’s a very kind-hearted man, and generous to a fault. (= very generous)

✔ Beyond/without compare – used for emphasizing the very good qualities of a person or thing. 
– Her beauty is beyond compare.

✔ Do justice to someone/something – used to show or emphasize all the good qualities of someone or something.
– This is the only picture I have that does full justice to her beauty (= shows her to be as beautiful as she is).

✔ What’s not to like? – used to say that you think something is very good, and that nobody could disagree with your opinion.
– It’s a big house with a swimming pool. What’s not to like?

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