There is one important add. If you want to do something.

To do someone we should do it right. Nobody want to stop use drugs or study foreign language or get a high education after well-payed job. If you want to stop habit or learn something or start do sport, useful to remember.

1. If you want something, you need to understand why do you want it. Or why do you need it. There is a chance that you don’t need it at all. Or even don’t want it, but still doing. !Just try make a list +/-, even one time, it real can help.!
2. If you want something, you first of all must feel alright. It means we should not only do phisical training, but: 
a) have enough rest and b) have enough time for enjoy. 

It can be more important than own work on problem. Don’t force yourself again your wish, transform it to enjoing. Do hard work with pleasure.

3. If you want something, you should like what you are doing and create comfortable conditions to complete it. Make yourself to like it. Just start to improve your mind.

Child don’t want learn english? Make a deal with him. Supply him what he want: plays computer, walkings on playing ground, plays with parents? Let him do it for a two hours. But first make a deal: after enjoy he will learn english for a two hours and do it honestly and true.

Another words, if you have hard buisness must to be done, you may first prepare your conscious for it. Let yourself do what you like, use entertaining, collect good feelings. And after just start immediately make your work with good minds and real wishing to do it well.

4. If you want something, you must understand, what you can do to complete your task. 
5. We can’t understand everything at once. If you want something, you should make you everyday find a new answers on your questions. Even if it will be a five minutes per day. This promise you to develop your brain and get a new ways.
6. If you want something and know, why you need it, you should to go for it recently, making efforts anytime when you close to break. !And recently tell yourself, why and what for.! 

This is the only way to break off bad habits, or learn something new, or make your own body better, or make your own organism clear, or make your own children more healthy, or make someone happy.

Stop smoking consists from little effort for a two-three days. Not more, not less. After some efforts you organism and you mind will starting to help you.

7. If you want something, you must understand what EXACTLY you are doing right now. What skill you are improving today, in time you supply yourself.

Another example: there are a mass of chalenge in the world. Sports tournaments, gaming tournaments, and even more. Competitions in university. Competitions when you sent a documents to university. Football playing.

Do you want play football better than others? What can you do for it? Kick on ball with more strengh. Make maximum right assists. Use a more clear moves. Better see the players of both teams. Train your own skills for maximum. Than find a right partner.
Improve any details. Improve any part of life, what you are doing automatically.

Another example: probably someone tell that he/she is not cooking well. But he can changes it and improves it. What he needs for? Of course it will get not at once. But on second time, on forth time you will do it better. If you will understand, what exactly you are doing and how you can do it right.

8. If you want something, you MUST remind for yourself, why you need it. Remind everytime when you want to start smoking or miss learining/training. 
If you don’t – This business will look useless for you. And habits win over you and your family again.

9. If you want something, use details, see your mission as details. Every sort of things you can imagine as a collection of details. Any activity like details. Talk about feeding – imagine your organism. Working good? Imagine organisms of others? Working good?

10. Write smart thoughts somewhere. Tommorow you probably will forget it. Do not believe – check it on yourself. 

11. If you want something, you need use a kindness side of it. You don’t break a smoking – you are saving your life, hapiness of your family, and health of your children in future. And influence of this bad side is end soon. 

You think it hard to stop smoking? Just compare it with drug users, who learn today that he has a AIDS, and tommorow he was planning wedding.

12. If you want something, use compare. If you thinkg that all bad, think about people at war right now. And remind yourself hot it is good that we will sleep in our own beds tommorw. In our own homes.

It is difficult to study math? There are a lot of useless and nothing useful? Just do a lot of simple tasks. When you be good in it – start more difficult. And remember about time in peace.

13. If you want something, you can to do it right.

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