Phrasal Verbs


Hello ladies and gentlemen, we know that phrasal verbs are used informally. BUT… there are a handful which you will find in formal writing. And here are some examples (and these appear in the CAE): 

COME ACROSS AS (appear as)
– The necessity of coming across as a rather sophisticated and collected man is paramount when impressing the opposite sex…. so said my mum.

COME ABOUT (happen/take place)
– The rapid development of feminist ideology came about due to British liberal politics and an increase in the price of razors.

BRING ABOUT (cause changes to something)
– Major spending is required to bring about substantial improvements in housing.

END UP (result in)
– The recent government policy regarding making razors free for all ended up in complete disaster.

SET OUT (intend to do smth)
– School management have set out with the aim of improving teaching quality across the board. 

PUT FORWARD (offer an idea/opinion)
– The plans the government have put forward regarding the abolition of hamsters as household pets received a standing ovation. 

STAMP OUT (eradicate)
– The police are intent on stamping out violent crime in the suburbs of London
… in 2025. 

WORK OUT (calculate/solve)
– Tax rises will work out cheaper for the economy in the long run. 

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