Phrasal Verbs

CAE PHRASAL VERBS: ACT ON/UPON & BACK UP – A lot of useful examples!

1) Act on/upon somebody’s advice – to do something because you have been advised or told to do it: 
– There have been concerns as to why the Board didn’t act on a recommended pay raise.
2) Act on/upon something – act on findings/information/advice:
– The board of directors will act on the findings in the report.

➡ Back something up – to show that an explanation or belief is probably true: 
– All the evidence backs up her story.
➡ Back something up – to make an extra copy of computer information.
➡ Back someone up – to give support to someone by telling other people that you agree with them:
– If I ask for more money will you back me up?
➡ If traffic backs up, or if it is backed up, the vehicles are in a long line and waiting to continue moving:
– Traffic is backing up on all out-of-town routes.
а) If a toilet, sink, or drain backs up, or if it is backed up, water cannot flow through it because something is blocking it.
b) If a system backs up, or if it is backed up, it has slowed down or stopped working because there is too much of something for it to deal with: 
– Orders are really backed up this month.
➡ Back up – to move backwards a short distance:
– I need everyone to back up about 10 paces.
➡ Back something up something: 
– I’ll back the car up the driveway.
To make a car go backwards:
– See if you can back up a bit further.
➡ Back up! – used for telling someone to return to something that was said earlier: 
– Back up! Didn’t you say they had already met?

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