Phrasal Verbs

5 Phrasal Verbs with STAND and multiple meanings.

✔ Stand aside 
➡ Step sideways to make some space for someone else. 
◕ Example: Stand aside, please, so the doctor can get through. 
➡ Leave a job or position voluntarily so that someone else can have it instead. 
◕ Example: It’s time he stood aside and let a more qualified person do the job. 
➡ Temporarily recuse oneself from action or decision-making in some domain 
◕ Example: The minister will stand aside during the investigation. 

✔ Stand back 
➡ Maintain a safe distance from a hazard.
◕ Example: You had better stand back and let me operate the chainsaw. 
➡ Abstain from participation.
◕ Example: While others debated the proposals, he stood back. 

✔ Stand by 
➡ Wait in expectation of some event; to make ready. 
◕ Example: Please stand by for more instructions. 
➡ Remain loyal or faithful.
◕ Example: Even though money is scarce sometimes, Ann stands by her decision to be a full-time mother. 
➡ Support; to continue to support despite things being bad. 
◕ Example: They stood by us all along and it’s awesome to see them out here to support us today. 
➡ Do nothing. To be inactive in a situation. 
◕ Example: I can’t simply stand by and watch you ruin your life. 
➡ Be ready to provide assistance if required. 
◕ Example: The tug stood by in case it was needed. 

✔ Stand out 
➡ Be obvious or conspicuous, in contrast to one’s surroundings. 
◕ Example: Tourist guides often carry umbrellas so that they stand out in a crowd. 
➡ Be extraordinary and different or to have features and qualities which make someone or something special. 
◕ Example: She stood out from the other candidates and was offered the job. 

✔ Stand up 
➡ Rise from a lying or sitting position. 
◕ Example: Stand up, then sit down again. 
➡ Bring something up and set it into a standing position. 
◕ Example: Laura stood the sofa up on end. 
➡ Avoid a prearranged meeting, especially a date, with (a person) without prior notification; to jilt or shirk.
◕ Example: John stood Laura up at the movie theatre.

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