Some COMMON IDIOMS with examples

“An arm and a leg” – very expensive.
● The taxi trip home cost me an arm and a leg.
“Back to the drawing board” – when an attempt fails and you need to start again.
● Ok, my plan for finding a Vietnamese wife online didn’t work, so I guess it’s back to the drawing board.
“The ball is in your court” – it is you to make the decision/to take responsibility.
● I’ve given my side of the story and now the ball is in your court.
“Happy to see the back of somebody” – glad when someone leaves.
● Peter has just lost his job. Good! I will be happy to see the back of him!
“To cut corners” – to do something badly to save money
● Cutting corners by installing cheap or illegal software is not a way to run a business.
“To feel under the weather” – to feel ill.
● I can’t come to work today because I feel a bit under the weather. 
“It takes two to tango” – actions need more than one person (usually negative)
● Usually, in a relationship it isn’t always one person at fault… it takes two to tango.
“Once in a blue moon” – when something happens so rarely.
● When I help babushki, they say thank you once in a blue moon.
“Wouldn’t be caught dead” – would never like to do something.
● Me, wear a wig??? I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a wig!!!

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