10 School Idioms, Phrases & Phrasal Verbs

➡ Ace a test – to get a perfect score or to do very well on a test 
• Example – I’m going to study real hard so that I can ace the test. 
➡ Blow something – to do something poorly, to fail something 
• Example – I can’t believe I blew another test. My grades are going down the tube. 

➡ Know-it-all – someone who annoyingly thinks he knows everything 
• Example – Max is such a know-it-all. He thinks he knows everything. 
➡ Brush up on – to review 
• Example – We need to brush up on our Spanish since we are going to Mexico next month for vacation. 

➡ Hit the books – to study 
• Example – We really need to hit the books if we want to do well on the exam on Friday. 

➡ Draw a blank – to suddenly forget 
• Example – I missed that test question, but I totally knew the answer. I just drew a blank. 
➡ Drop out – to quit school or someone who quit school 
• Example – Man, I’m tired of school. I think I’ll drop out and do a little travelling. 
➡ Teacher’s pet – the teacher’s favourite student 
• Example – Mary is totally the teacher’s pet. He gives her a good grade no matter how poorly she does.
➡ Play hooky – to skip class, to be absent from class without permission 
• Example – Mark and Janet got caught playing hooky. Now they’re in trouble with their parents. 
➡ Pop quiz – a surprise quiz 
• Example – The teacher gave us a pop quiz today. I think I blew it.

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