Idioms related to Sports

✔ Game changer – something such as a product or event that affects a situation very much. 
– Netflix creating original content is a game changer.

✔ Get/keep the ball rolling – start an activity or project, or maintain progress on an activity or project, respectively.
– You’ll definitely become more comfortable with driving if you keep the ball rolling with your driving lessons.
✔ Hotshot – a conspicuously successful or talented person, or one who believes himself or herself to be especially successful or talented; often used sarcastically or derogatorily.
– If you’re such a hotshot, why not straighten out the whole thing?
✔ On the ball – Attentive, knowledgeable, and quick to take action. 
– I can’t believe Molly got that report done so quickly—she’s really on the ball.

✔ Out of bounds – contrary to or in violation of acceptable rules, conventions, or standards. 
– I thought Tom’s comments were totally out of bounds for a dinner discussion, but I didn’t feel it was my place to chide him.

✔ Stay ahead of the game – Gaining or maintaining an advantage in a situation, often by completing a task before its given deadline. 
– My term paper isn’t due until next week, but I want to be ahead of the game and finish it tonight.

✔ Take sides – support one faction or position at the extent of the other.
 – They were arguing, but I didn’t want to take sides, so I left. 
✔ Team player – someone who gets along well with others or is loyal to a cause.
– John’s always been a real team player, never hesitating to chip in or help others out where he can.

✔ Time out – a pause or break to assess a situation or provide time for reflection, or removal of a child from an activity as a form of punishment.
– Take time out for lunch. Your textbooks will still be here when you get back.
– If you keep throwing your toys like that, I’m going to give you a time out!

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