Common Mistakes


I made these videos based on mistakes that arise again and again. These ones are taken from Russian students (since I teach in Russia) but can apply to anyone around the world. I show the mistakes, explain why they are made and show you correct English. Enjoy! 😉

✔ Common mistakes №1
✖pass/take/write/sit exams
✖grow children/raise children up
✖influence on/have an influence on
✖I’ve been in England/I’ve been to England
✖I catched the train/I caught the train

✔ Common mistakes №2
✖went to home/went home
✖if + will
✖on the picture/in the picture
✖made homework/did homework

✔ Common mistakes №3
✖care about/take care of
✖she has a birthday/it is her birthday
✖feel myself happy/feel happy
✖call to/call

✔ Common mistakes №4
✖speak on English/speak in English
✖decide a problem/solve a problem
✖this/next/last/on Saturday
✖clothes – pronunciation

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