Confusing Words


⛔ I called to my friend yesterday on the phone. (wrong) 
⛔ I called to the police (wrong) 
Those are common mistakes. We almost never use TO with call. 
✅ I called my friend yesterday… 
✅ I called the police. 
Even on an online dictionary, you will struggle to find “call to.” It is used in fixed expressions: 

● A call to arms – a strong command or inducement for action, especially among a particular group of people. 
– The actress used the event as a call to arms for women in the film industry to demand equal pay.

● A call to prayer – a signal conveyed to members of the religion indicating that it is time to engage in a scheduled prayer ritual.

● Call to someone – here it means: to beckon. (to do certain actions in an attempt to draw attention to oneself)

So if I call to my friend, I am waving my arm at him saying “come here.” I can’t use “call to” in the traditional sense that I phone someone.

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