Words that are used to fill in time when speaking

Words that are used to fill in time when speaking, such as ‘like’ or ‘basically’, are called crutch words (and should best be avoided!)
More often than not, they’re used incorrectly or unnecessarily, which is why they made this list. ↩ 

● Um: In the middle of my speech, I, um, lost my train of thought. 

● Uh: Uh, this speech is about, uh, not using crutch words. 

● Ah: Ah, you know it’s funny, I use crutch words all the time. 

● Anyway: Anyway, it can be nervewracking. 

● Well: Well let’s get right to the point.

● Just: It’s just not necessary to always use adverbs. 

● Almost: You almost need to catch yourself before you use them. 

● Basically: It’s basically just unnecessary, you know? 

● Actually: I guess there are times you can actually use them, though. 

● Definitely: There are definitely real uses of adverbs. 

● Literally: I use them literally all the time. 

● Really: Adverbs are really great for describing verbs. 

● Truly: I truly feel I have a grasp of the concept of adverbs. 

● Seriously: I seriously don’t know if I’m using them correctly. 

● Totally: I’m totally failing at this right now, right? 

● Honestly: I honestly don’t know how to make this better. 

● Obviously: We obviously need adverbs, just not all the time.

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