A CV isn’t a list of everything you have ever done; it is a marketing document. 

It should focus on those skills and experiences most relevant to your target employer. Your mission is to ensure that, after a 20-second scan, the employer can pick out evidence that you have exactly the skills and experience they are looking for.

CV checklist:

✔ Look at your CV as if you were the recruiter. After a quick scan, can you pick out evidence of each of the job requirements? 

✔ Is your CV two pages in length? (Some UK employers request a one-page CV, and academic CVs can be longer, but most UK CVs are two pages in length.) 

✔ To ensure your CV is easy to read, is there about the same amount of text on both pages, and have you avoided large chunks of text? 

✔ Have you used formatting tools (e.g. bold, italics, capitals and spacing) consistently? 

✔ Have you asked your Careers team for feedback on your CV and covering letter? (Please take a list of job requirements with you.)

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