These three verbs are often confused and are incorrectly used even by higher level students. Let’s get it right!

We use COME to move to the place where the speaker or listener is:

– Pavlik, please come here!

– When you come to class, please bring your books.

– Can I come to hospital and visit you?


– When I come home, I like to shave my legs!

– I usually come to work at 11.50 am.

We use GO for all other movements and those which are from the speaker or listener:

– Please go away!

– I want to go to Omsk!

– Pavlik needs to go to hospital to have a brain scan.

This sexy word means ARRIVE in this context:

– What time do you get to work?

– When I get home, I like to shave my legs (compare COME)

– Please get to class on time!

SStill confused?
Look at the following:

-“Privet, bratan! It’s Sergey. Please come to Omsk! Visit me!”

-“Sure, bratan! I would love to come to Omsk!” (to visit Sergey, move to the speaker)

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