TO MAINTAIN We use this word a lot, but the Russians never do. Now you will!

✔ To keep something in an existing state (from decline, making repairs, correcting problems) 
– We need to maintain discipline in class 
– I am going to maintain my manly beauty. 
– You should maintain your car once a year 
– He couldn’t maintain his diet so he turned into a fat bastard. 
✔ To affirm an argument (assert): 
– He maintained that he didn’t kill the chicken! 
-We used to maintain that the world was flat! 
✔ To provide for: 
– Excuse me, but I have a family to maintain! 
● Other examples: (learn some of these common collocations by heart): 
– They have always maintained high standards of professional conduct. 
– He has found it difficult to maintain a healthy weight. 
– The company has done a poor job of maintaining its computer network. 
– It was obvious that the house had been poorly maintained. 
– She was finding it hard to maintain her balance. 
– She still maintains a close relationship with her college roommate. 
– It’s difficult to maintain a correspondence when we’re both so busy. 
– The pilot was struggling to maintain control of the aircraft. 
– The police say that they will do whatever is necessary to maintain law and order. 
● Noun: Maintenance: 
– The building has suffered from years of poor maintenance. 
– The costs of routine car maintenance 
– Maintenance of law and order 
– Money for the family’s maintenance

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