Confusing Words


➡ Think OF = bear in mind/take into account/think quickly/consider 
(usually works as a stative verb = can’t be continuous) 
– Think of the teachers who only have 12 weeks holiday a year (bear this fact in mind/Have a thought for) 
– Do you remember that tall guy with a beard and glasses, I can’t think of his name… oh yes, Sarah! (can’t remember) 
– Come to think of it, I am busy this weekend, so no, I can’t meet you. (consider) 
– Think of a number between 1 and 10…. F! (think quickly) 
➡ Think ABOUT = consider/contemplate/ponder 
(often in the continuous form because it is a longer thought process) 
– I am thinking about what to have for dinner… emmm… fish and chips… or…. emmm… or maybe two portions of fish and chips! (longer consideration) 
– I like sitting on beaches and thinking about my existence. (pondering) 
➡ BUT… 
“opinion” (the meanings are almost exactly the same) 
-What do you think OF my plan? Rubbish! 
-What do you think ABOUT my plan? Emmmmmm… emm.. rubbish! 
➡ BUT (2)… 
You might see on greeting cards: 
Thinking of you – Thinking about you 
(because we are using the continuous form here, thinking OF now means thinking ABOUT. This is something I believe native speakers of English have confused over the years and it has crept its way into everyday use… blin!) 
✅ Think of me when you are on holiday! (ok) 
✅ Think about me when you are on holiday! (ok) 
✅ I will think about your offer! (ok) 
✖ I will think of your offer! (wrong) 

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