Classroom Decor Numbers 1-20

Classroom Decor Numbers 1-20. These lovely posters are great for helping your students get to know their numbers. It’s important that children learn their numbers before moving on to more complicated maths problems.

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Numbers are one of the most basic maths things that everyone needs to learn. These posters are great references and can help your students engage in passive learning.Use these know your numbers posters to create a relaxed learning environment for your students. It’s been shown that children can retain more information and learn better when they’re relaxed.For all the parents and carers, these know your numbers posters can be used at home too.

Put them up in your children’s bedrooms or learning areas to help inspire them.With lovely hand-drawn patterns, these numbers will stand out in any maths display. You could even laminate to make them last longer.

What can these know your numbers posters teach my children?

These posters are a fantastic way to engage your students. Plus, it can help with passive learning. This is when they’ll see the posters often and retain the information from them without having to revise.Our resources are made by teachers for teachers, so you can be sure they stick to the national curriculum. We want you to feel confident printing off and using this resource straight away.There are multiple versions for you to download. How about trying our standard, images, cursive, pre-cursive, super-eco-colour and dyslexia-friendly versions?

Why is it important for children to know their numbers?

The most important reason for children to know their numbers is that maths is part of everyday life. Without knowing numbers, children wouldn’t be able to function in society.Also, knowing numbers helps when moving on to more complicated maths as children progress through school. It helps when learning about measurements, patterns and sorting, shapes and space. These are all things that children need to be confident with before moving up into higher education like secondary school.

Samples From the Posters

Teaching your child about number recognition is important, as it helps them develop the fundamental skills that they will need to progress in kindergarten. Being able to visually recognise and name numbers is a skill that every student should develop, as this will help them improve their mathematical skills.

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