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15 Rules of Motivation for Harvard Students

As a lot of us have exams now, I want to post some motivation rules from Harvard University, which can inspire you when you haven’t got enough motivation to sustain the preparation. Moreover, I think these quotes are useful not only for students, but also for all people who want to achieve success in their life.. because graduating from college doesn’t mean that you have to stop learning.

This is the issue raised by “15 Rules of Motivation for Harvard Students”.

If you fall asleep now, your fancy will appear in dreams, for sure. Although, if you prefer studying to sleeping, your fancy will come true.
2. When you think it is too late, it is still timely.

3. Suffering from studying is temporary. Suffering from nescience is infinite.

4. Studying is not about time, it is about efforts.

5. Life is not for studying only, but if you are not able to pass even through this part of the life, what then are you good at, at all?

6. Exertion and efforts can be pleasant, as well.

7. Only those who fulfill everything earlier, only those who expend efforts, can be truly delighted with their success.

8. To succeed in everything is not for everyone. Success though comes only accompanied by self- improvement and determination.

9. Time slips past.

10. Slaver today will turn into tears tomorrow.

11. Realists are those who contribute something to the future.

12. Your salary is directly-proportional to your level of education.

13. Today will never come back.

14. Even now your enemies are greedy turning the leaves of books.

15. Only sweating will you be earning.

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