Feed The Bunny Easter Activity

Craft Ideas for Kids ( Feed The Bunny Easter Activity )

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This Feed the Bunny fine motor activity can be a math game for preschoolers or a fun phonics game activity. Best of all, the bunny and carrots can be found as a free printable PDF found below. All you need to do is print and play, how easy is that?

How to Make A Feed the Bunny Fine Motor Activity for Easter

1. Download and print the Feed the Bunny PDF.

2. Cut out and laminate the different components within the printable.

3. Glue the body and ears of the bunny onto the cardboard box.

4. Use a craft knife to cut a hole in the cardboard where the bunny’s mouth is.

How to Play the number activity

There are different ways to play Feed the Bunny, depending on how old the children who are playing are. Kids will enjoy picking up the carrots and posting them through the bunny’s mouth. Practicing counting each carrot as it goes into the box.Preschoolers can use the dice to make this a fun math game.

1: Roll the dice and count how many dots are facing upwards.

2. Place as many carrots in the bunny’s mouth as the number that was rolled. For example, if you roll a four on the dice, then feed the bunny four individual (unmarked) carrots.

3. Alternatively, find the carrot that has the numeral which matches the rolled number and post that specific carrot through the bunny’s mouth. For example, if you roll a four on the dice, then find the single carrot that has the number 4 written on it. Post only that carrot into the mouth.Pick which method to use depending on the age and abilities of the children in your early years classroom.

How to play the alphabet activity

Find the carrot with the letter you want to teach your child and show it to them. Have your child repeat the letter and feed it to the bunny.For children with no prior experience with letters, start small! You can start with 3-4 letters a day, then add a new letter each day.Once your child starts recognizing letters, place a set or 3 or 4 letters in front of them (for example A, B, C, D]. Then ask them to find the letter “A” and feed it to bunny while repeating the letter.Once it becomes very easy to identify the correct letter in a set or 3 or 4 letters, add more letters to make it harder.

Eventually, your child will be able to find the correct letter among the entire alphabet.Write the lower case letter on the lined paper for your student to find the correct upper case carrot.You can also practice phonetics with preschoolers using this activity!

For beginning learners, say the phonetic sound of each letter and have your child repeat it before feeding it to the bunny. For intermediate learners, ask the child to say the sound of the letter. Finally, for advanced learners, say the phonetic of the letter and ask the child to find that letter.

Samples From the Craft

In this day and age, many parents resort to technology in order to keep their kids entertained and occupied, completely forgetting the benefits of arts and crafts. True, technology is very useful, and kids should be introduced to it, but it should never come at the expense of them playing and making things with their own hands.

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